It is hard to remember the time I really sat down in front of the TV, waiting for a programme to show up, and really enjoy it. Mostly it was accompanied with plenty of interruptions. It might have been Star Trek on the public channels that I enjoyed the most. But even Discovery Channel had many interruptions, some were funny, or just slightly annoying, especially when you have the TV on as background sound. With the advent of YouTube, and other User Generated Content websites, or even streaming websites, it is almost unimaginable there used to be a time without being able to watch your favorites.

Some might not know, but I help(ed) a lot with music remixing and artwork. Too bad I do not have the time now, but this is so much fun. Content creation is probably the best people can do as it gives a lot of satisfaction. I consider the teaching I do as a form of content creation. I produced a lot of documents, notes, etc, and people enjoy the way I explain stuff. Even writing code is a creative process:

foreach step in I.take():

But remixing music, or posting artwork online, does not pay the bills. Unless of course you are Tiesto, etc. And asking for a donation has not been my thing, although I have received some. I am very thankful for this!

And this is why I give to the content creators that create good stuff. I love the cardgame Magic: the Gathering, and especially some of the youtube channels for this. Patreon is a great idea... and if people create content you read often, consider giving back. Even 1 USD is already good way to show you care. It can buy someone a cup of coffee... and the more people who do, the easier someone can take some time off to create the content you love!

One of the projects I really want to work on again is Gauth. it has been in a neglect, but I can't reserve enough time to do a rewrite... I ask you, consider to become a Patron of my work and hopefully I can improve by giving Gauth a new future, allow me to create more content on my blog... and maybe in the future even more.

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And thank you to all who have donated in the past!


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