Gerard Braad

F/OSS & IT Consultant

Software engineer for both Unix/Linux as Windows based software in different programming and scripting languages; Java Certified Programmer, Microsoft Certified Programmer. Has broad knowledge about maintenance of a mixed OS and virtualization environment. Worked for many years at a software development company as a fulltime Java and .NET (/Mono) developer. My last assignment dealt with interoperability and cross platform support (x86/Windows, Linux and ARM/Linux) of a large .NET codebase.

Now active as a Linux, Free/Open Source Software and IT consultant in China. As part of this I give lectures on software development (and Open Source). Fedora FAmSCo member and assists the Chinese Open Source Community in general. At the moment employed as Business and Communities Developer working on Community engagement in China. Lives in Beijing, China and the Netherlands.


Gerard Braad — 吉拉德

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